“I’m not asking anyone to adopt a new philosophy or change what they think or believe about the world. If this was the case, I’d be asking people to walk away from one room of their Minds and enter into another. No. This is not the intention. Instead, I’m asking people to examine their lives so deeply that they completely blow apart the very place that ALL of their philosophies and beliefs come from.”

"What is the difference between a woman texting and a monk meditating? None."

“What is the difference between a woman texting and a monk meditating? None.”

“You might call me the anti-motivational speaker. I’m not here to help you be more successful, to help you have more wealth or abundance, or to help you get what you want. On the contrary, I’d rather guide you to experience what life is like when ‘wanting’ is gone altogether from your life.”

“I remember during career day in high school, that I wasn’t at all drawn to being a doctor or lawyer or a millionaire. For some reason, I instead felt the desire to do whatever was simply the most difficult thing that any human being can do. There is no pride or boasting in this statement. It’s just a feeling I remember. In the path towards Self-realization, I finally connected with the source of that feeling. Why? Because in coming to know the Self as your True Nature, you essentially have to die while you are still alive. Dying while living…for most of us, this isn’t a frictionless process.”

“The Mind wants. The Self is.”

“Ask a particle physicist about the True Nature of reality, and they will tell you that everything you experience could be described as vibrations in a unified field of energy. When you look at the cup of tea in your hand, that is energy held in a form your Mind labels as “cup of tea”. When you look at a computer screen, that is energy held in a form that your Mind labels as “computer screen”. When you look at your reflection in the mirror and you feel the sensation of Me, of self-identity, that feeling too is energy. As energy, it is constantly in flow. When you rest your awareness in the Here and Now, you are moving into a place beyond your Mind and all the labels it creates. In the Here and Now, the energy that makes up your feeling of Me is able to dissolve, enabling you to experience the reality that exists beyond your sense of self-identity and beyond your feeling of separateness.”

“If you want to learn what living is, you must learn what dying is. To learn truly what it means to die, you must learn what it truly means to Be. When you have come to experience you’re true Being, the false you dies, and then you may fully live.”

“It is interesting that when we greet each other in the U.S. (and in many other cultures) we ask ‘How are you?’ This question inherently suggests a reply based on the evaluation of Good or Bad (or somewhere in between). Hundreds of millions of people every day are asking each other ‘Where do you rank on the scale of good to bad?’ The next time someone asks you this question, I suggest you simply reply ‘I am’, for this is truly the most accurate answer you could ever supply. Your life is and forever will be a complex mixture of thousands of experiences, all of which your Mind could spend many hours evaluating for either their ‘good-ness’ or their ‘not so good-ness’. And given that all of these experiences are constantly in flow, the evaluations are likewise in flow. In the end, ‘I am’ is the state that truly answers ‘How are you?'”

“Often times you hear the phrase, ‘Live each day as if it were the last day of your life’. Most people feel an innate understanding and intent behind this phrase, and respond with varying degrees of heightened life appreciation, focus or perhaps general zeal for what life may bring. Over the years, as I explored more and more deeply the essential nature of Being itself, I found myself practicing ‘each day is the last’ to the extreme. Several times a day, I recognize and acknowledge to myself that my body will be dead soon. Soon may mean tomorrow, or it may mean in 70 years. They are both soon. My body and this life will completely disappear, the story of my brief few decades the tiniest ripple within the infinite ocean of creation. There is no sadness here. There is no fear. This is what is. By remembering the death of my body over and over, the Mind is reeled in from its designs that imagine a ‘sense of Blake’ and what my life may mean or should mean or could mean. There is no meaning. There is only Being, and watching Being until your eyes that give you this opportunity cease to function when the body that holds them fades away.

“Do you remember those commercials from the 1980’s or 1990’s where a man selling some kind of medication tells the viewers ‘I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.’ There is great wisdom to be learned from this non-doctor-actor. How? Let me phrase it this way: ‘I’m not Blake, but I play him every day’. This is the same for everyone. What you think of yourself, the sense of yourself that you hold and identify with, this is only you ‘playing you’ each day.