The Here and Now

Blake discusses the unique significance of the Here and Now and how it is the gateway away from the world of the Mind. Through asking the question “What is the one’s sense of Here?” Blake illustrates how the true power of Here and Now is not through our ideas of what being “Here” means, but through the direct experience of Being found in holding one’s awareness in the precise moment-to-moment unfolding of the Here and Now.

The Question
“What Is?”

Exploring life and one’s sense of Being through the ever-deepening question of “What is?”, Blake uses the example of looking at a Barbie doll and asking “What is ‘Barbie’?” to illuminate how people live in a world made of their associations, ideas, judgments, and definitions of the world around them. This “sense” of the reality of life is created by the Mind, and only through resting in the Here and Now can one move beyond the Mind.

Ladder Movement Meditation Technique

A technique to use while moving through the activities of your everyday life to help you maintain Here and Now awareness.

The Technique of Closing Your Eyes

Blake teaches the technique of closing one’s eyes many times throughout the day to pull awareness more frequently into the Here and Now

“Still Meditating” Outtake

Brief clip from earlier interview where Blake discusses the realization that life can be (and is) constant meditation.